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This video by Simplilearn will explain to you What Is File Handling In C? File Handling In C Programming tutorial will help you learn the operations of file handling, the functions of file handling in c, and file opening modes in c. This C programming tutorial will cover both theoretical and practical demonstrations for a better learning experience on File Handling In C programming.

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what File Handling In C Is?
The data is stored in a file using a program known as file handling.
The main objectives of the file handling are:
To create, read, write and update the files.

In file handling, a file pointer is used to fetch and access the file in the program to perform operations on it. In general, a file pointer is a variable used to reference the files in the program.

File Handling Functions In C are:

✅What is C++ Programming?
C++ is an enhanced and extended version of C programming language, developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 as part of his Ph.D. project. Bjarne developed what he called ‘C with Classes’ (later renamed C++) because he felt limited by the existing programming languages that were not ideal for large scale projects. He used C to build what he wanted because C was already a general-purpose language that was efficient and fast in its operations.

✅C++ Career Prospects:
With just C++ programming expertise, you will have excellent job opportunities, salaries, and career prospects. However, for a career based on programming languages such as Java and Python (which are in more demand than C++) or for careers based on front-end, back-end, and full-stack development, you will go a lot further with C++ expertise. Furthermore, in development domains such as software testing, you are expected to know C++.

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