SOLVED: Choose 30 Hashtags for Instagram (then use them again) | Flick.Tech How-To

I’m impressed with Flick.Tech! This introduction video will show you how to search for the best Instagram hashtags using this program. I’ll show you how to search and save the #s. The next video will walk through your Instagram analytics. The hashtags used in this video were only for example purposes.

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0:46 – My opinion on learning Hashtags
1:44 – Track your baseline like and comments when you sign up.
Think about the content you want to put out.
3:19 – Start searching – Table View Vs. Group View
4:49 – Walk through search results
7:33 – What does N/A mean
8:14 – Low, Medium, High Competition
9:50 – Pick hashtags by grouped view
11:22 – “Fly Out” Window at the bottom
12:23 – Hashtag audit
13:34 – Collections
15:08 – Collections page analytics

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