How to Develop a Social Media Strategy Step by Step

How to develop a social media strategy step-by-step.

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Step one, it’s all about setting goals. What do you want to get from your social media presence? You want to get more branding, you want to generate some sales, you want some leads, you want some clicks to your website so that way people click on your ads.

I want to increase my traffic to my website and I want to improve my community engagement. You see, these are all examples of stuff that are my goals that I set, and I want to also to deliver amazing content through my social channels that help other people out.

The second step, is for you to select the social media channels that can help you achieve those goals. Let me give you example. If I want to use social media drive more convergence in sales there are platforms that be more suitable for that goal.

So the social media channels that you’ll choose are totally dependent on the goals you have. I would recommend that you start off with only one or two social media channels, because the more that you add right away, it becomes more overwhelming. You’re going to spread yourself thin, and you’re not going to really get the results that you want. Then you can diversify add more social channels later on, and you can repurpose your content of course.

The third step that you need to take if you’re already on social media, is to do a social media audit. And that doesn’t need to be that complicated. You can focus basically on identifying what’s going well and what isn’t. Here are a few things that you need to check, how fast or slow is your account growing in terms of followers.

Now, what are those content formats? What content types are doing the best, is it videos, images, carousel, written posts? What types of messages that you just love and want to engage with the most? What causes your audience to leave the most comments?

The fourth step that you’re going to take, is to create a profile of the audience that you’re targeting. What are the age groups that you’re going after? What are the interest that your target audience has? Is there a specific gender that’s more relevant to your brand? What are the cultural phenomenons that your audience is really interested in? How can you leverage that more? You can use Google Analytics if you have a website to get idea of what’s people are already interested in or at least your audience is interested in.

The fifth step that you’ll do, is you’ll want to look at competitive research. Now, what I want you to do is create a list of five social media accounts that are doing really well in your space. They don’t need to be exactly in your same industry but the closer they are the better. You’ll want to find accounts that cater to the same audience.

What are the posts that are gaining the engagement versus the ones that aren’t? Or on TikTok, is there anything that they’ve done that they’ve posted that’s gone viral? And what’s the topic of that content? Why did that go viral? What are the posts that they posted that didn’t do well? Because that’s probably the stuff that you want to avoid.

Step six, it’s time to create a list of the different content types that work best for each social media channel. Before you can actually start creating your plan and scheduling your content creation, it’s important to understand what works best in each channel. After you’ve done your audit and competitive research, this becomes much easier. Your goal is to list all the different types of content and which platforms they work best on, so that you can create a schedule that makes sense for each channel.

Step seven, is to create a content calendar that encompasses the channels you want to focus on, and the content types that work best for each one of them. Now, that you already know, who’s your target audience, what makes them tick, and the type of content works best for each channel is time to start using that knowledge to come up with the schedule. You’ll want to use a tool like Hootsuite or Post Planner to organize your efforts to ensure that you’re on track to move forward as quick as possible so you get the results you’re looking for.

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