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In this video you wil learn about what are backlinks?, Why backlinks are considered to be an important ranking factor, Dofollow links and Nofollow links, Difference between dofollow and no follow links, an introduction to black hat and white hat techniques, how to build backlinks – 6 ways to build high quality backlinks, tools helpful in backlink building and future of backlinks.

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What are backlinks?
When a webpage receives a hyperlink from another website, it is known as a backlink. Backlinks are also known as inbound links.

Why is backlink an important ranking factor?
When a web page receives more and more backlinks, this helps the search engine understand that your web page’s content is valuable, which makes the other websites link to you; thereby gaining their trust. As search engines love unique and valuable content, they consider it to rank high in search results. This makes backlinks an important ranking factor and a symbol of trust as well.

A website can link to your page either by do-follow link or by no-follow links.
Do-follow links are beneficial in terms of SEO. When a website links back to your site by do-follow link, it passes the authority or the link-juice of their website to yours. This helps to improve the authority of your website, thereby positively affecting your ranking.
Coming to no-follow links, these links don’t pass the authority or link-juice to your website; therefore are not beneficial in terms of SEO. However, even though it directly does not affect the ranking of your website, still the no-follow links are good for driving user traffic from one website to another.

How to build backlinks?
Skyscraper Technique
Publish detailed guides
Broken link building
Find Listicles
Guest Blogging
Link Gap building

Best tool for Backlink Building


Backlinks are one the important factors in search ranking as it shows the trust of one site in another. Gaining high-quality backlinks makes the search engines understand that the content on your website is valuable, thereby making it eligible for higher rankings. However, due to spammy methods, backlinks are the factor that can be easily manipulated. As we know that search ranking algorithms are continuously updated, backlinks will continue to be an important factor, but the unique content and user-centric content will be more valued.

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How to Make Money Blogging When You Are Getting Started

Blog writing is one of my favored methods to make a little (or a great deal) of added earnings. Not just is it an innovative outlet, great networking device, and also actually enjoyable work; it has several chances to make an additional buck occasionally. The majority of these techniques are simple to set up as well as call for very little upkeep. Producing a blog is a wonderful way to obtain even more circulation to your real Internet organization you are attempting to sell. This will certainly suggest even more money from sales and likewise the side cash from the blog site. A win-win!

Importance of Blogging in Business and Tips on Getting More Attention and Traffic

Web has become a tool of interaction between its customers through blog writing. Via blog writing, people can share their thoughts, point of views and perceptions concerning a certain thing, place, occasion, and so on. For modern-day day organizations, it has actually come to be the vendors’ method to reach target clients.

How to Use Blog Commenting to Build Links?

A major method to increase the revenue gained by your business is to raise the incoming traffic to your web site, as that usually leads to raised service opportunities. Link structure is a fundamental part of SEO. Much better SEO approaches lead to much better search rankings.

The Importance of Blogging to Companies and Businessmen

Web marketing is a preferred type of marketing. The reason for this is because business owners as well as their business have actually seen how very efficient it is and also exactly how the internet links them to not only the local stage, but the world stage as well. This has verified to an extremely important advertising technique due to the exposure as well as attention that they get. Among the extra popular types of web marketing is blogging.

How Do You Blog? Why You Need To Start With A Plan

Most of us have a propensity to start blogging by leaping in with both feet. Regrettably, that is a poor method to start. In this article, you’ll discover why you need to begin blogging with a strategy in terms and the three major results your plan will aid you accomplish.

Marketing Calendar Creation Tool

A marketing schedule development tool ought to do more than simply supply a schedule theme and highlight some vacations. Unless you’re a holiday web site, holidays are actually simply component of what gets on your schedule. And somewhat vacation points out are fantastic for Facebook yet not necessarily straw for your site.

6 Tips for a Novice Blogger

A blog is an amazing device if utilized properly. If you are a service, you can use it to enter into terrific detail about particular products or solutions you supply. Your blog might potentially create an enormous amount of website traffic and give your audience with widely appropriate information. Below’s my guide to making sure that you are shooting from all cyndrical tubes.

How Can a Blog Impact Your Business?

Social media site resembles holding the pulse of a neighborhood and regularly monitoring what fits or does not match their health. In the tech-savvy world of ever-flurried guys, remaining connected to one’s target team is not as hard as it appears. Most likely to Twitter, publish a microblog and see how your consumers react.

Editing Your Content After It Was Posted

There seems to be some debate when it pertains to whether it is appropriate to edit your material after you have currently posted and also syndicated it on-line. It depends on your technique and also your reasons for editing and enhancing after the truth.

Five Aspects That Make Your Blog User Friendly

The internet is swamped with blogs today. But, what is that which makes up a great blog site? Any blog that is individual friendly makes it easier to read as well as is generally wanted by the public. Individuals generally choose blog sites that are straightforward, helpful as well as direct.

How to Write the Best Content Around

It’s been claimed a million times previously, yet excellent quality, initial material is the key to any type of successful search engine optimization campaign. If you are creating highly pertinent web content, which is the best length then you are going to be loved permanently by the major internet search engine.

How Do You Blog – 5 Easy Ways to Make Money by Blogging

Earning money by blog writing is one of one of the most typical dreams there is. However you can do it. There are means, and they are no extra challenging than having a successful blog site. In this write-up, you’ll find 5 means to make money by blogging.

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