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The Linux command line is a fun playground as well as a location for complex and powerful commands. In this video on Funny Linux Commands, I’ve put together a list of fun Linux commands for you to try out.

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What is the Command line in Linux?
The Linux command line is a piece of software that comes with the Linux operating system. In this command-line interface, various commands can be used to complete all simple and complicated operations. This command-line interface is called a terminal in Linux. In Linux, commands are case-sensitive. In comparison to other operating systems like Windows and macOS, Linux has a robust command-line interface. Through its terminal, we can perform both basic and complicated tasks.

What is Linux?
Linux is an operating system, just like Windows, iOS, and Mac OS. In reality, the Linux operating system powers one of the most popular platforms on the globe, Android. It’s a piece of software that manages all of the hardware resources on your computer or laptop. Simply explained, the operating system is in charge of coordinating the connection between your programme and your hardware. No software would work without the operating system.

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