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Crypto staking is the process of ‘locking’ up your digital tokens for a set length of time in order to contribute to the blockchain network’s performance and security.
In exchange for staking your tokens, you will be able to receive interest. So here is a short video on The Best Crypto Staking Platforms for 2022 to give you an idea about how cryptos are staked and which platform will be best to study it.

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What is Blockchain?
Blockchain is one of the leading technologies in the IT world. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has changed how transactions work. It intends to provide a safe and secure mode of transactions, by using digital cryptocurrencies, that cannot be manipulated by anyone with ulterior motives. Blockchain is a set of blocks that record information of transactions like who made the transaction to whom, the amount of trade in the form of a digital ledger that is distributed across the entire network, making it more secure and impossible to change, hack or cheat the system. Then it is verified and validated by every node in the blockchain network to proceed with the process of making the transactions.
A blockchain is a distributed software network that serves as a digital record as well as a system for transferring assets securely without the use of a third party. It’s a technology that allows for the digital exchange of value units. A blockchain network can tokenize, store, and trade anything from currency to land rights to votes.
The Bitcoin blockchain, a secure, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer digital money system, was the first manifestation of blockchain technology in 2009.

About Simplilearn Blockchain Certification Training:
Simplilearn’s Blockchain Certification Training has been designed for developers who want to decipher the global craze surrounding Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. You’ll learn the core structure and technical mechanisms of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms, use the latest tools to build Blockchain applications, set up your own private Blockchain, and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum and gain practical experience with real-world projects.

Why learn Blockchain?
Blockchain technology is the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, which enables digital information to be distributed. A network of computing nodes makes up the Blockchain. Durability, robustness, success rate, transparency, and incorruptibility are some of the enticing characteristics of Blockchain. By design, Blockchain is a decentralized technology which is used by a global network of the computer to manage Bitcoin transactions easily. Many new business applications will result in the usage of Blockchain such as Crowdfunding, smart contracts, supply chain auditing, Internet of Things(IoT), etc.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
1. Apply Bitcoin and Blockchain concepts in business situations
2. Build compelling Blockchain applications using the Ethereum Blockchain
3. Design, test and deploy secure Smart Contracts
4. Use the latest version of Ethereum development tools (Web3 v1.0)
5. Develop Hyperledger Blockchain applications using Composer Framework
6. Model the Blockchain applications using Composer modeling language
7. Develop front-end (client) applications using Composer API
8. Leverage Composer REST Server to design a web-based Blockchain solution
9. Design Hyperledger Fabric Composer Business Network 10.
10. Understand the true purpose and capabilities of Ethereum and Solidity
11. See practical examples of Blockchain and mining
12. Describe the various components of Hyperledger Fabric Technology (Peers, Orderer, MSP, CA)

🔥Free Blockchain Developer Course with Completion Certificate:

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